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The NEW Suspendulum® by ZenSwing®

Tubing thickness is now 13 gauge (thicker)

Leg tubes are now 6 feet long (shorter)

Suspendulum on Belmar Hill

Aerial Artistry featuring LeAnn Deloach

Suspendulum Rig in Boulder Backyard

When you wish to take flight and dance in the silks,
find comfort in the suspension strength of the Suspendulum Aerial Dance rig.

Soar to new levels of expression while being supported by a well-designed, engineer-tested suspension frame.

Aerial Dancer in Backyard

US Patent No. 7,172,512

The Suspendulum® is sought after by serious aerial dancers,
whom use this economical suspension frame designed for strength, beauty and portability.
This tripod frame can be used for Aerial Yoga as well as Aerial Silks.

This unit can be set up by one or two persons. It weighs approximately 179 lbs.

Shipping and handling is $300.00 to anywhere in the contiguous Continental States,
to Canada it's about $350.00 and Australia is about $450.00 (more or less) (ask)

The rig stands at 20 feet & 3 inches and its' strong frame
takes advantage of the structural design of a tetrahedron... the strongest structure in our known universe.
The tetrahedron was the basis of R. Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome and Dymaxion House.

The rig can be set up in about 15-20 minutes and take down is about the same.

Click here for Rig Set Up & Take Down Video

Click here for Product Specification Sheet

Click here for Accessories Like Carry Bags and extra Cables

Replacement Parts




There are now 12 six-foot steel tubes that fit together each with a foot assembly, that get rapid linked together with vinyl coated aircraft wire rope.
This new 13 gauge (tube wall thickness) tubing format allows for easier transport and setup.
Your rig is combined at the top with the Apex, with all parts necessary to afford suspension from an anchor point in the central mounting plate,
which has a 3-inch o-ring mounted with a Crosby U-bolt already assembled at the factory.
From this point on, you need to seek out a reliable aerial dance equipment company for your vehicles.

The foot assembly for the rig is a multi-purpose foot able to be used on most ground types, i.e., sod or sand.
Should you wish to use the rig in-doors then a small carpet piece is recommended to place under each foot.

To see verious height configurations for the Suspendulum® rig Click Here
The standard rig comes complete with everything you need to obtain a 20 foot height. This is considered a three-tier height.
With the removal of one tube from each leg a height of 15' 8" or a two-tier height can be achieved using the optional 18' cables.
With the usage of two leg section per leg you can acheive a 10' 5" height using the optional 14' cables.

Powder coating is standard in Glossy Black.

Storage and Carry Bags are also available as an accessory.
If you wish to get the accessories for the Suspendulum® you can visit this page for additional items.

Once your rig has shipped we notify you with the tracking number.

Pictured below is the Apex of the Suspendulum® rig.

Apex Photo


Our newest model of the Suspendulum® uses 13 gauge tubing wall thickness.
Please allow 4 - 6 weeks from receipt of payment for delivery;
when we have rigs in stock, shipping and delivery is within a few days of payment.
We are always being restocked and should have rigs available to ship in a timely manner.
We base production on demand from the aerial dance & yoga community.


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Suspendulum® free-standing, portable outdoor Aerial Dance & Yoga rig.
Now $1599.99 each plus $300 S&H (Contiguous US only) Email for International Shipping


For the Rig Only
(without optional accessories)

Enter Phone # for Shippers

Full Rig W/ All Optional Accessories $1,753.98

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Optional Accessories include:
Cable Sets for Tier One & Tier Two heights
and Carry Bags 

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